The company

The company: Gazzera Srl

Gazzera is from more than 25 years synonymous of respect, competence, transparency and flexibility in the field of hydraulic. The company is leader in the sector thanks to the skill and training of its employees: a close-knit and cohesive group that will not hesitate to accept and fulfill your requests.

We would also like to underline, the passion and at the same time the seriousness that accompanies us during the execution of each job, the conception of this in the name of quality and reliability through testing and accurate checks, always in strict compliance with the European Standards mandatory.

The goal of the site, wants to be an amalgam of all the qualities mentioned above, through a window, where are exposed some of our works and uses, to provide to the visitor, a "tangible tool" of the truth of what has been written.


The design plays an important part of our business. Our technical department is implemented to deal with hydraulic requests, starting from different levels of information received by the customer; starts in fact from a control and subsequent endorsement of any diagram received, up to a complete design, starting from the cyclogram of the machine.
We create all the technical documentation needs to meet the demands of the rules that affect us, as the flow scheme, bill of materials, instruction manual, dimensional.
Flow scheme: the realization is via 2D CAD, all the components are identified by ISO symbols and characterized by unique numerical references that refer to the relevant bill.
Bill of materials: the realization is via 2D CAD or through textual programs, within it indicates precisely, the code, the description and the supplier; the set of this information, allows the unambiguous choice of the component in case of replacement of the same.
Instruction manual: in this document you can find all the necessary information, both to correct maintenance phase than to the system startup.
Dimensional: the realization occurs through 2D CAD or 3D, this documentation is generated on the basis of customer requirements. We have in fact both requests for document generation in both 2D and 3D CAD systems dependent on the customer.